The wood we supply will produce fantastic heat from an open fire or stove, and all of this delivered right to your door. Please note we deliver all our wood with a truck mounted crane or pallet truck. With the correct access, this enables us to place your wood over a garden wall, fence or as near to your requested location as possible. All final delivery locations will be agreed in advance and comply with health and safety regulations.

Crates of Kiln dried logs

Please note, Shaw Firewood contribute to sustainable forestry.


Costs include VAT and delivery within the greater Dublin area. Please contact us for a quote if you have a delivery address outside this area.

2m³ crate kiln dried Birch€350
2m³ crate kiln dried Ash, Oak or Hornbeam€380
1.17m³ crate kiln dried Oak or Hornbeam€250
1.17m³ crate of Birch€230
1.17m³  crate of Ash€250

Bags of kiln dried logs


Bulk bag air dried Irish Hardwood 900mm³€120
Bulk bag air dried Irish Confer€100 
40ltr / 15kg bag kiln dried Birch€8.00 or 3 for €24
40ltr / 15kg bag kiln dried Ash€10.00 or 3 for €28
3kg bag kindling€4.00

Collection, delivery or bulk order options apply. Irish air dried logs are also available.
Please note, Shaw Firewood contribute to sustainable forestry.

Please note, we do not deliver the 15kg bags. They are available for purchase from our yard in Palmerstown.

Important delivery information – we deliver the crates of
logs with a tail-lift truck and pallet truck which means we cannot
manoeuvre over uneven surfaces, steps, gravel or grass or up and down steep